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Save Back River (BRRC) Foundation is dedicated to creating a better quality of life for our community by improving the health of this important waterway. Our programs, projects, and events are aimed at connecting people to the Baltimore/Maryland and empowering the community to steward and celebrate our historic River.


We work to create opportunities for the emotional connections to the River that allow the sense of wonder to come alive, forge lifelong love of the outdoors, and foster stewardship of the River. We do this through offering programs at a variety of sites and times throughout the years. We specialize in ways to improve experiences.


We work to create the Back River estuaries with pristine open space, welcoming and safe shorelines, vibrant history, and thriving wildlife for the community to experience and enjoy. We do this through targeted land and shorelines along Back River and many other efforts. We strive to collaborate with a variety of partners including Volunteers, Baltimore, and all Maryland areas.


We work to conserve Back River’s ecological, cultural and recreational resources through long-term stewardship of the land, water, and wildlife. We do this through volunteer stewardship programs, land management, monitoring and research.


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